Potent Overnight Stem Cell Mask

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✨ Key benefits [TL;DR]

‣ Transparent, odorless, non-greasy overnight film.
‣ Outstanding breathability, water resistant and rub resistant.
‣ Anti-oxidant, anti-aging benefits.
‣ Complete absorption into the face skin.

✨ What it is?

Once in a while, new technologies emerge that allow unprecedented leaps in skincare formulation. The ability to apply a thin, clear mask with a nourishing, breathable and clear film while delivering a substantial anti-aging treatment has arrived.

NourishMax's Potent Overnight Stem Cell Mask is an overnight mask application crafted with an innovative, breathable, and nourishing film ingredient that functions as a transdermal penetration medium to facilitate the complete absorption of the "Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex".

This remarkable complex uses the latest stem cell technology to derive powerful actives from Acai Palm, Chinese Basil, and White Oak resource materials. These derivatives impart antioxidant, protectant, and anti-aging benefits. For ultimate results, this mask can be applied just before bedtime & left on overnight.

✨ Why it's special?

The mask uses a delightfully smooth and transparent base ingredient called Baycusan®. This serves as the perfect medium to hold and sink the active ingredients into the skin. It exhibits a non-greasy, non-sticky skin feeling and is odorless. Baycusan's outstanding water resistance and rub resistance ensures that the mask sits comfortably on your skin and stays there. This is also beneficial that you can leave the mask on while you sleep, as the mask won't rub and fade off. Its hydroscopic and breathable barrier properties ensure that the skin locks in valuable moisture and breathe uninterrupted.

The "Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex" is a combination of 3 powerful anti-aging, plant-derived ingredients. The first is derived from the Acai Palm. Native to the tropical and Central and South American climates, Acai Palms grow in an extreme environment, including high temperatures and intense UV radiation. This forces the Acai Palm to evolve to boost its natural protective and antioxidant mechanisms. We capitalize on the Acai Palms defensive properties to impart antioxidant and protective benefits onto the skin.

The second active is derived from Chinese Basil. The fresh leaves of this herb are commonly used in cuisine, as a medicinal treatment, particularly in China and Japan. It is a rich source of Omega-3 and Rosmarinic Acid and exhibits potent antioxidant and soothing properties. It helps create a less inflamed skin environment and lessens damage caused by free radicals, which in turn helps decrease the signs of aging and reduces the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The last active is derived from White Oaks to provide anti-aging, antioxidant, and skin smoothing benefits. White Oaks are primarily found in North America and have evolved to ward off potential fungal and pathogenic threats and stresses. Native Americans traditionally used White Oak Bark for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains high levels of tannins and quercin. These components are known to help absorb toxins and soothe irritated, swollen skin. Additionally, tannins have been shown to remove damaging oxidants and free radicals, making them ideal for anti-aging.

This comfortable and easy mask application allows these incredible anti-aging stem cell ingredients to fully absorb into the skin to ensure optimal and complete anti-aging benefits. The mask can be used as a regular 20-minute application, or for optimal results, left on overnight.

‣ This breathable mask is rub-resistant, non-sticky, clear, and smooth. It is easy to remove with a light wash.
‣ We capitalize on the defensive qualities of the Acai Palm to impart antioxidant and protective benefits to the skin.
‣ Chinese Basil, rich in Rosmarinic Acid, delivers rich antioxidant and skin-soothing properties.
‣ White Oaks provide anti-aging, antioxidant properties, thanks to its high levels of tannins and quercin

✨ How to apply?

Apply by gently smoothing over the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on 20 minutes until completely dry. To remove, apply water and peel or rub off easily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
To soon to tell

It does make my skin feel soft, I don’t find it peels off in the morning like stated but it’s truly to soon to tell, I will keep using it and hopefully see a difference! Thankbyou!

Actually Works!

I have been using the potent overnight stem cell mask for two months now and I love it! I originally got it to help with the eleven lines and forehead lines. I did not expect it to completely cure all my wrinkles and creases but in fact it was successful at eliminating those eleven lines and my crows feet and it does help my forehead creases to be less prominent. I saw results within the first week of using it. I don’t always remember to put it on every night but I do put it on, let it dry and wear it under my makeup during the day and it works just as well. I’m shocked and so happy I found a product that actually works without breaking the bank!

Angie Young
Skeptic NO MORE

I too had my doubts, but after the 1st overnight application I was blown away. Everything that the ladies commented on I have experienced, plus I am a senior and have issues which go with aging. I also have spent tons of $$$ for various skin rejuvenation procedures n have a wonderful clinic in La Jolla CA I go to every 3-6 mos. So, I was in a rush n took the chance on this product cuz I had an event n couldn’t get in to my clinic. After applying the mask overnight, I WOKE UP in the morning, washed my face n I was so amazed! I have another short notice event tomorrow, but I know this mask will not let me down, so I’m wearing my Stem Cell Mask tonight! I’m confident that tomorrow morning I will have 1 less thing to stress about. I also bought the neck n decoulte firming cream n the tinted face oil! Those products were/are just as amazing! Take the leap u will not regret it! Don’t do what did, I bought it n tossed it in the drawer until I had no alternative but to use it. My only regret is that I hadn’t tried sooner! U will see a difference after ur 1st application! I am 71 yrs Young!

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