—Donna Bardes
This is eyecream is PHENOMENAL!!! This is my second jar and it probably could of been many. I've tried so many products. I purchased this because of my dark circles. This stuff is awesome! It doesn't take them 100% away but really, really close. I apply first thing then after it absorbs, I apply a second. I will not be without this product! THANK YOU!!!

Diamond Infused Eye Cream

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✨ Key Benefits [TL;DR]:
*Aims to diminish the appearance of dark circles.
*Formulated to help reduce puffiness.
*Contains diamond extract to help enhance skin luminosity.
*Designed to provide a firmer and toned look.
*Infused with hydrating ingredients for added moisture.
*Includes retinol, known for its age-defying properties.
*Vitamin E included for skin nourishment.
*Crafted with rejuvenating botanicals for enhanced skin health.
*Contains ingredients that help to shield against environmental factors.
*Made to refresh and invigorate the look of tired eyes.

✨ What It Is?
Roll out the red carpet for the NourishMax Diamond Infused Eye Cream, the Rolls Royce of eye creams! Imagine a luxurious spa day but just for your eyes. Sounds dreamy, right? Dive into this jar of magic that’s tailor-made to kiss those bags, dark circles, and wrinkles goodbye. If your eyes could talk, they’d totally thank you for this treat! Sparkle and shine, darling, because this cream is your new BFF for a brighter gaze.

✨ Why It's Special?
Step right up and allow us to introduce the NourishMax Diamond Infused Eye Cream—a gem (literally!) among skincare products. But what makes it leap out from a world filled with countless creams and potions? Let’s break it down:

Luxurious Touch: Crafted with the lavishness of diamond extract, this cream is more than just skincare; it's an experience. Every application feels like a sumptuous treat, making your daily routine a moment of pure indulgence.

Powerhouse Ingredients: We've gone above and beyond to source the most effective, high-quality ingredients. From the age-defying wonder that is retinol to the invigorating zest of caffeine, each ingredient plays a crucial role in delivering unmatched results.

Custom Blend for Eyes: The eye area is delicate and requires specialized care. Our formulation considers this, ensuring that the cream is both potent in its benefits and gentle on the skin.

Multi-Action Formula: It’s not just an eye cream—it’s an all-in-one magic potion. From brightening and tightening to hydrating and rejuvenating, it promises a spectrum of benefits that cater to almost all eye-related concerns.

Science Meets Nature: With a blend of botanical peptides and the latest biotechnological ingredients, we've bridged the gap between nature's best and scientific innovation. The result? A cream that works harmoniously with your skin, enhancing its natural beauty.

To sum it up, the NourishMax Diamond Infused Eye Cream isn't just another eye cream—it's a testament to what happens when luxury, science, and care come together. Your eyes deserve nothing but the best, and this, dear reader, is the best in a jar.

✨ What's In It?
Diamond Extract: Sparkling away, this gem not only adds luminosity but also makes your eyes the real shining star!
Caffeine: Like your morning coffee but for your eyes! It wakes up the skin, reduces puffiness, and gives you that "I'm ready for the day" look.
Botanical Peptides: Extracted from rice, soy, and yeast proteins, they improve skin micro-circulation and strengthen its elasticity.
Vitamin K and Arnica: Champions of healing and anti-inflammatory effects, making sure your eyes stay as vibrant as your spirit.
Retinol: A dermatologist's favorite, this age-defying marvel ensures your eyes reflect your youthful spirit, not your years.
Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin & Squalane: This hydrating trio ensures that the skin stays quenched, plumped, and radiant.
Vitamin E: The guardian angel for your skin. It moisturizes, nourishes, and defends against those pesky free radicals that love to cause havoc.
Copper Ferment: A little-known secret that revitalizes the skin, promotes elasticity, and brings about a natural glow that'll have others asking for your skincare secrets.

And many more potent ingredients, all working together to rejuvenate, protect, and pamper your eye area.

✨ How To Apply?
For best results, integrate this cream into both your morning and evening routines. Using your fingertip, apply the cream sparingly around the delicate eye area. Employ a gentle patting motion until the product is fully absorbed. Remember, consistency is key for visible results, so make it an essential part of your skincare ritual.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Ladies & Gents, I have found the holy grail of eye creams🤩I firmly believe it is a gift from above sent from the Angels themselves & I am so thankful! I’ve always been one of those people that struggled with dark circles under my eyes🙄I also have incredibly sensitive skin, especially around my eyes. Not only did I struggle with dark circles, but I also began getting very dry skin around my eyes. Dry skin as in white, very noticeable dry patches. The only eye cream I have found to resolve these issues without giving me a stye or painful red irritation is this Nourishmax eye cream!! It also lasts forever even using it twice a day & it is so affordable❤️ I am beyond grateful to this company!

What a gem!!

this stuff really works. the search is FINALLY over!! at first, i panicked because i had this tingling under my eyes when applied, so i called and i was told because it's diamond-infused. i had this lines under my eyes right where the tears run {never had it before, lack of sleek/aging sign?} and it really bothered me a lot. i tried SO many pricey products {can i name 'em, ha! ha! ha!} and NOTHING worked. it said MBG {money-back guarantee} but didn't wanna go through all the hassle 'cause i also read they NEVER REFUND your money back so why even bother? i figured just DON'T be fooled by it anymore. thanx, nourishmax!! :0)

Penny Rooke
Love it!

I love this product so much I use it on my entire face and neck. Makes my skin so soft and reduces the wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes. Highly recommend!

Nourishmax eyecream PHENOMENAL

This is eyecream is PHENOMENAL!!! This is my second jar and it probably could of been many. I've tried so many products. I purchased this because of my dark circles. This stuff is awesome! It doesn't take them 100% away but really, really close. I apply first thing then after it absorbs, I apply a second. I will not be without this product! THANK YOU!!!

My male boss buys 5 at a time

My boss 35 heterosexual male buys 5 of these at a time. I was picking on him about it at the office one morning. He gave me a jar to try for my self, 36 female. To be fair, I am a skeptic when it comes to higher end facial creams/serums. I used the NOURISHMAX Dimond extract eye cream the very next morning. I used it in my regular morning facial routine and this eye cream instantly woke my eyes up. We all love instant gratification, don't we!? I honestly can't wait to see the results after a few weeks. To make a long story short, I told him he'll have to add a few more jars to his next order.

Seeing results in less than a week

I’m 66 and I have red half circles and puffiness under both eyes. I started using the eye cream twice a day for almost a week and I’m seeing results. The redness is reducing significantly and puffiness is reducing as well. Can’t wait to see the results after 30 days!

Would never use anything else

I absolutely love this! I swear by it! It’s amazing.
To prove it: I ran out once and decided to use something else telling myself my under eye looks better cause “I’m getting more sleep” and “drinking more water”. When I stopped using it, I noticed the difference overtime. Tried another highly recommended brand, both gave result but just not the same. I went back to using this, and it started helping right away.

Annie Abramson

I knew when I did my research that this company was better than all the rest! Not only are they genuine with their service, but the products are excellent. I also had the most wonderful experience with Kylie and Customer Service who is not only helpful, but truly got a sense of my situation and gave me a great advice.. they are such a pleasure to deal with and I’m really happy that I have found them!

It actually works!

I'm 68 and have had genetically linked dark circles (thanks, Dad!) all my adult life. They are so pronounced that when the highlighter wears off, people ask me if I'm feeling unwell. I have tried hundreds of products to no avail. NourishMax actually helped. After about a month of use, the circles are at least 50% diminished. Who knows- maybe next summer I'll be able to go to the beach without makeup for the first time in over 50 years. Thanks, NourishMax!

Amy Buckley
It's a Miracle

So, I bought this eye cream with a lip plumper order just to meet the minimum order for free shipping and I had no expectations at all for it. Frankly, I'd never even heard of it. I tried it with jaded skepticism and was completely shocked by the noticeable results I saw within days. I've had serious dark circles under my eyes for many years. I have tried a host os different eye creams some if which cost 4 times as much as this one. Thet all claimed to produce miracles and I saw no improvement at all. Nothing. This eye cream is the real deal and is truly a miracle. Friends have asked me if I had cosmetic surgery and couldn't believe I got this dramatic a result from an eye cream. As a rule, I don't write reviews but for this product I'm making an exception. I'm living proof that this product works and I won't be tempted to try anything else for my eyes going forward. Thank you, thank you Nourishmax! BTW-the lip plumper is pretty darn awesome too. I'll be combing your site to see what else you have.

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