How to Remove Eye Bags Without Surgery?

How to Remove Eye Bags Without Surgery?


Among the common skin complaints, two make the top of the list - eye bags and dark circles - they are so named because of fluid retention that appears under the eyes.  With eye bags or dark under eye circles, one looks dull, tired and older than your real age.

how to remover eye bags

How do dark circles and eye bags form in the first place?

When there is excess water stored beneath the skin under the eyes, they are called eye bags. When blood vessels are visible under the eyes, they appear as discoloration called dark circles.

It is true that eye bags and dark circles may come with aging, but there are other factors responsible for them as well, many of which are due to poor life choices

This article will walk you through those factors that cause eye bags prematurely. You will also learn how to remove eye bags without the need for surgery. Do not forget that an eye cream for bags can be as effective as all the methods mentioned in this article.


how to remove eye bags?

1)       The Sun

Ultra-violet Rays from the sun impacts on the skin negatively, especially when exposed to the sun without protection. The skin shrinks and becomes dry which causes fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags. Wide hats and sunglasses can come in handy when outdoors.

2)       Aging

As one age, tissue and muscles begin to lose their taut nature and fat can fill the eyelids

3)       Insufficient sleep

It is high time you discontinue whatever keeps you from having enough sleep. The habits and actions that cause insufficient sleep will leave you with droopy eyes at the end of the day.

4)       Unhealthy lifestyle

Many processed food is laden with salt. When your body takes in too much salt, it tends to retain fluid abnormally. Avoid junk food especially when it is not easy to do so – night time. 

5)       Genetics

If you get eye bags at an early age or much earlier than your age mates, you may want to investigate if you are predisposed to them because of your genes. Also, being predisposed genetically does not mean you cannot do something to help the situation. Start by visiting a skin therapist and a proper skin treatment will be helpful. 

6)       Allergies

Allergies can also be another reason why the eye get puffy. You have to identify and avoid agents that provoke allergic reactions which can make your eyes swell.

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how to remove eye bags?

1) Your face needs a moisturizer always.  A moisturizer is a valuable addition to your skin regimen

2) Eat healthily: eat healthily, and your skin will thank you. Vegetables and Fruits will put back the health into your food.

3) Keep hydrated: there is a lot of benefit from taking water regularly. That way, your skin is hydrated and supple preventing flakiness and the effects of dryness.

4) Sleep well: There is no overemphasizing the place of good night sleep. The skin and the rest of the body get rid of toxins during sleep. Glowing skin is one of the outcomes from a well-rested body.

5) Give up smoking and junk foods: Smoking depletes the body of Vitamin C, a necessary material for building collagen that confers on the skin its firm properties.

6)  Using eye cream for bags: there are over-the-counter cosmetic products and eye bag removal creams out there, but there is one that stands head and shoulder above the rest. It is called NourishMax, made from natural sources and diamond extract.

To remove eye bags, get the all-natural NourishMax’s Diamond Infused Eye Cream, it restores that youthful look without the need for surgery. A multi action eye cream for dark circles with Retinol that fights signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes.


You don’t need to go under the knife to get those eye bags off. Click the button below to get rid of eye bags without surgery.



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