" I have purchased other lip plumpers in the past that did nothing. I took a chance on this - based on the reviews - and indeed - it really works! When I apply it my lips do plump up. I don't know about the long-term change claim, but it certainly works quickly and temporarily plumps the lips. "

— Beth Tobey
Instant Lip Plumper
1 Instant Lip Plumper
3 Instant Lip Plumper
5 Instant Lip Plumper
Instant Lip Plumper

Instant Lip Plumper

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✨ Key Benefits [TL;DR]:
*Hyaluronic spheres fill with moisture instantly, giving you plumper lips on the spot.
*Stimulates collagen & hyaluronic acid synthesis for long-lasting fullness.
*Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and surface folds for a youthful pout.
*Locks in moisture to keep your lips soft and supple.

✨ Get Plump, Luscious Lips in an Instant! ✨
Unveil the magic of NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper – your ticket to irresistibly lush lips that command attention! Say farewell to pesky lines and hello to a hydrating, plumping transformation that's all about embracing those curves and cranking up the volume.


✨ NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper vs Lip Plumper Peptide Complex Balm ✨

The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper emphasizes an intense and immediate plumping effect, hydration, and nourishment. It achieves this through the use of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides, which temporarily swell lips and leave a glossy finish.

On the other hand, the NourishMax Lip Plumper Peptide Complex Balm focuses on a more subtle plumping effect, skin barrier support, and long-lasting hydration and nourishment. Its formulation includes ingredients like lactic acid and peptides, resulting in a smoother texture.

While both products aim to enhance lip fullness, they differ in formulation and purpose. When choosing between the two, consider your preferences and lip care priorities. The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper is ideal for special occasions when immediate and noticeable enhancement is desired. In contrast, the NourishMax Lip Plumper Peptide Complex Balm is well-suited for regular use, providing gentle plumping alongside comprehensive lip care benefits.

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✨ What it is?

Say goodbye to lackluster lips with NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper! Experience the magic of an immediate lip transformation with our cutting-edge formula. This lip plumper isn't just a quick fix – it's your secret weapon for achieving beautifully full and nourished lips. Infused with a unique blend of peptides and hyaluronic acid, it works wonders to create a voluminous look while providing essential hydration.

🌟 Cushioning Moisture 🌟

Our Instant Lip Plumper harnesses the power of advanced Hyaluronic Spheres. These tiny spheres delicately embrace your lips, attracting moisture from the air and filling your lips with a newfound plumpness.

💥 Powerful Peptide 💥

Experience the marvel of our revolutionary formula enriched with a potent peptide. This peptide, present in our Instant Lip Plumper, isn't just any peptide – it's Palmitoyl Oligopeptide! By diving deep into the skin's layers, it sets off a natural revitalization process, encouraging collagen and hyaluronic acid production for lips that stay irresistibly smooth and voluminous over time.

✨ Why It's Special?

Ready to unlock the secrets of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide? This exceptional peptide takes center stage in our Instant Lip Plumper. Dive into the world of skincare science as this amino acid penetrates the skin, kickstarting a repair journey that triggers collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

🌟 Palmitoyl Oligopeptide 🌟

Meet the powerhouse peptide that's a fusion of amino and fatty acids. By promoting essential collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin, it creates the foundation for plump, full, and delightfully firm lips.

🌟 Hyaluronic Spheres 🌟

Prepare for an instant hydration infusion! These remarkable spheres dive beneath the surface, eagerly absorbing moisture and expanding in size, leaving your lips looking more voluminous than ever.

🌟 Vitamin E 🌟

We've also added a touch of nature's goodness – Vitamin E. With its impressive ability to reduce transepidermal water loss, your lips remain velvety-soft and exude a radiant, healthy glow.

✨ How To Apply?

Getting your dream lips has never been easier! Simply glide NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper evenly over your lip area whenever you desire. Whether you're prepping for a special occasion or just want to elevate your everyday look, this plumper can be used under lipstick or on its own, ensuring you're always ready to flaunt your plump, luscious pout.

Are you ready to embrace a world of lip-plumping wonders? Try NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper today and experience the magic for yourself! Your lips will thank you for the luxurious nourishment and the irresistible fullness that comes with it. Get ready to pucker up with confidence! 💋✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Belinda Thompson


Works as Intended

I like this lip plumper! I am in my thirties and have wrinkly lips from smoking and perpetual dehydration in my 20s. I have never done any lip fillers or Botox to address the wrinkles and wanted to try the effects of a lip plumper first.

This product doesn’t get rid of the wrinkles, but it definitely makes my lips look fuller pretty quickly. I do not personally experience any tingle or discomfort with this product, but I would warn against applying it to the outer edge of your lips as it made my skin surrounding my lips red and puffy.

If I apply it more in the center of my lips and avoid the outer edges, I get a nice-looking plumper lip (although still wrinkly haha) fairly quickly without pain or discomfort.

I can’t comment on the long-term usage yet as I’ve only just purchased this product so we’ll see. Does a nice job in the short-run though.

There is no other like it!

The BEST lip plumper EVER!! Literally nothing else like it!! Put it on and 30 seconds later you got nice plump lips. I love it so much, will never buy another lip plumper! Does not hurt or burn at all, you can’t even tell you have it on. Wish I could post pictures!

This really works

I have purchased other lip plumpers in the past that did nothing. I took a chance on this - based on the reviews - and indeed - it really works! When I apply it my lips do plump up. I don't know about the long-term change claim, but it certainly works quickly and temporarily plumps the lips.

Like a time machine for your lips!

It doesn't burn or tingle like others. Tried it last night when I got it, and the effects are still quite noticable 14 hours later. I can't wait to see the results over time since it's supposed to actually help new collagen form. My lips actually feel different like a bouncy/springy feeling of being fuller like I'm in my 20s again. Not sure how it would work for young people who just want to change the shape of their natural lips, but for someone who's beginning to age and wants to have their lips feel like when they were young. Lip lines from years of being a former smoker for 16 years are gone. I wish pictures were able to be added because there's a stark difference.

This actually worked?? I was SHOCKED

I wish I had the money to buy more, i SO regret buying toofaced lip plumper before this! This actually made my lips 🔥 thank you Nourishmax! If anyone dosnt want their’s, I will take it! XD

Brittany LaRea
Slight tingle not painful!!

Just put it on about five minutes ago and I’m already seeing a change wow this product is amazing!!!!!

All the tingles!

I absolutely love this lip plumper! It's a tingle, not a burn, and lasts about 6 hours or so. I have a minimal top lip and this helps perk it right up within mins! I even put it on top of chapstick and it still works super lovely. My husband notices it without me mentioning that I've used it, and it doesn't look gawd awful / over done.

Lip plumper is amazing!

I just received my nourishmax lip plumper about a week ago. It is a game changer. I have tried other lip plumper products and they burn and usually don’t do much for plumping my lips. Nourishmax does not burn or tingle. It’s very moisturizing and it really works to plump your lips. I wear it alone because I really don’t like wearing lipstick. It looks and feels great. I’m on here to order a second one. One more thing I’d like to say. I researched the best lip plumper products for 2021. There were five top products and this lip plumper came back in first place. I couldn’t agree more!

Roma Stutts
Got my lips back

I'm 58 and I knew my lips were getting thinner but It was something I could live with. Then I took a selfie with my 26 year old son and realized, with horror, that this young man was walking around with MY LIPS!!! Normally I am extremely skeptical about beauty products so I did some research (ok, few hours on google) and decided to give NourishMax lip plumper a try. To be fair, the brat still has better lips that I do, but after 2 weeks there is a definite improvement and I look more like his mom and less like his grandmother.

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